Meet the members

President – Catarina Quaresma

Vice-president of Clinical years – Rita Palma

Vice-president of Pre-clinical years – Trevor Dudley

Secretary – Shenali Amaratunga

Y1, Group 1 Representative – Lotte Maercklin

Y1, Group 2 Representative – Aleksandra Li

Y1, Group 3 Representative – Irína Tereščenko

Y2, Group 1 Representative – Pavithra Babu

Y2, Group 2 Representative – Trevor Dudley

Y2, Group 3 Representative – José Proença

Y3 Representative – João Mendes


Y4, Group 1 Representative – António França

Y4, Group 2 Representative – Rita Palma

Y5 Representative – Catarina Quaresma

Y6 Representative – Estelle Sprenger

Events and party coordinator – Krupali Brahmbhatt

Events team – Moyo Osinkolu

Events team – Valeria Zelensky

Events team – Lotte Maercklin

Events team – Trevor Dudley

Events team


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