What is AIMS?

The Association of International Medical Students was created on the 18th of May of 2008 by a group of dynamic students of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine. At the time, there wasn’t an organisation to defend and discuss the interests of international medical students at our faculty. Since then, AIMS has become a platform for students to share and debate various subjects pertaining to the academic life at LF2, living in Prague and what comes after medical school. The student body at AIMS makes sure that important topics are transmitted and talked about amongst the faculty leadership, professors and the study department if needed.

Throughout the year several events are held at our faculty, either organised by AIMS or in partnership with other medical students associations like LF1 MEDSOC, Motolak and IFMSA. Some of the best known events are the Freshers’ Medical Mashup party at the end of fresher’s week, the book-sale at the beginning of the academic year, the annual personalised faculty Hoodies Sale and the AIMS Hope project every Christmas. To know more about these or other events follow us on facebook!



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